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Wheel Alignment in Dublin

Regular wheel alignment makes for a safer, more economical journey

Correct and true wheel alignment makes your car safer and more comfortable, and will significantly increase the life-expectancy of your tyres

Why do wheels need aligning?

Every car rolls off the factory floor with its wheels carefully positioned to allow maximum ease-of-driving, fuel economy and evenness of tyre wear. But a number of different factors can cause tiny changes in the wheel’s position, such as hitting pot holes or kerbs, suspension deterioration and general vehicle wear and tear.

In short, unless you have your wheels aligned on a regular basis, you can expect your fuel economy to drop, your handling to deteriorate, and your tyres to wear out more quickly.

The good news is: having all four wheels aligned can be cheaper than the price of a single tyre.

How do I know if my wheels need aligning?

The truth is that sometimes you don’t, although you should be on the look-out for uneven tyre wear or a deterioration in handling, especially when turning.

If your wheels become too badly out of alignment, your handling may become severely impaired and could be the cause of an accident. Fortunately, this is a worst-case scenario, and the majority of cases are not safety-critical. However, complacency is not advised, and regular wheel alignment checks are strongly recommended.

As with all things car-related, your safety is at risk if work isn’t carried out properly by mechanics with the right qualifications and experience. Finding a reputable garage with a proven track record is essential.

At Baldoyle Auto Centre Ltd , our aim is complete transparency. we continually monitor our performance, and work hard to make improvements wherever we can.

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