Customer Review: Toyota Yaris Service

It’s not everyday you get a handwritten review . Our client Mary Vincent kindly dropped in the below handwritten review of her experience with us last week.

” I am a customer of Baldoyle Auto Centre and wish to make the following comments on my most recent visit when I left my car in for a full service.  Sometime this can cause some anxiety as my car is 18 years old and I am a senior citizen! But the welcoming atmosphere in Baldoyle Auto put me at ease from the start, and I knew my car was in the hands of honest friendly staff who care about their customers.

I appreciated how John explained the work that had been carried out and the supportive advice I received on the upcoming NCT.  The entire visit was very pleasant and the final touch of a free car wash was much appreciated.  Kindness and caring was part of the service in Baldoyle Auto Centre, it made all the difference.  Mary Vincent

Toyota Yaris Review

What is a Ball Joint

What is a Ball Joint

Sometimes when we take our car to a garage for repair, the mechanic will tell us that the ball joint of the car is in bad shape.  A lot of people do not know what a ball joint is and they just pay for the repairs.  So it is important to have necessary knowledge about something for which you are paying for.

A Ball Joint

Ball Joint

To connect the steering knuckle and the control arm, fundamentally helping as the central part between suspension  and wheels.  A spherical bearing is used which is also knows as a ball joint, this spherical bearing is comprised of a socket and stud walled in a casing.  The ball joint is basically used to permit the movement through which you can have a relaxed drive on uneven surfaces.

As the ball joint provides control to the wheels, it can prove to be extremely dangerous if in bad shape because if the ball joint is in bad shape it can cause poor handling or in some cases complete loss of control.  To check the condition of the ball joints listen to the rattling or knocking in your cars suspension.  This can be an indication your ball joint is worn. Because your cars ball joints and also all parts of your suspension play a crucial roll in the safety of your car.  Try to have them checked at your local garage every couple of months.  This may only take a couple of minutes and could prevent a serious or fatal accident.

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We are a Repak ELT Member

Repak ELT Member

Minister Denis Naughten introduced new tyre regulations on October 1st 2017 which include the operation of a tyre compliance scheme. Repak ELT has been approved to run the scheme to carry out all regulatory functions on behalf of its tyre members.

New tyre regulations came into effect on 1st October 2017 which introduced a visible Environmental Management Cost (vEMC) as a statutory contribution towards the recycling and recovery of end of life tyres.

The vEMC for passenger car tyres is €2.80 (€3.44 including Vat) and motorcyle tyres €1.50 (€1.85 including Vat)

Baldoyle Auto Centre joined Repak ELT to be compliant with these Regulations and to ensure the sound environmental management of your waste tyres


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We’re Hiring Panel Beater/Spray Painter

Baldoyle Auto Centre is seeking applications for our busy bodyshop in north Dublin.

We require a 2nd or 3rd year Panel Beater/Spray Painter.

Must be willing to work in panel preparation, paint and refinish

You’ll ideally be self-motivated, highly organised and driven, with a good personality and an enthusiastic team player. You’ll be passionate about the industry, your career and committed to producing high quality work.

To apply email CV to

Christmas & New Year 2017/2018 Holiday Closing Arrangements

Friday 22nd December – 8am – 2pm

Saturday 23rd December – Closed 

Sunday 24th December – Closed

Monday 25th December – Closed 

Tuesday 26th December – Closed 

Wednesday 27th December – Closed 

Thursday 28th December – Closed 

Friday 29th December – Closed 

Saturday 30th December – Closed

Sunday 31st December – Closed 

Monday 1st January – Closed 

Tuesday 2nd January – Open 

Do Your Shock Absorbers Need Replacing?

Shock absorbers

Do your shock absorbers, need replacing

Shock absorbers, also known as shocks or dampers, are critical for a car’s safety. Like brake pads and other moving parts, shocks also wear out over time and need replacing. However, deciding WHEN to replace them can be tricky. The wearing out of shock absorbers depends on a number of vehicle usage factors, including the make of the vehicle, total driven mileage and surfaces the vehicle has been driven on. Following are six signs that your shock absorbers require replacement

Extended stopping distance 
When shocks wear out, they mark about 20% increase in the stopping distance of a vehicle. We all know that speeding vehicles need a longer breaking time, worn shocks may prove fatal in this circumstance.


Deviation & dips
Another major sign is when your vehicle starts getting out of control when braking. If your vehicle seems to be deviating when you break, check your shocks for safety.

When shocks are in optimal condition they keep the wheels in fine contact with the road. In this case, the steering wheel works smoothly. If the steering wheel vibrates, especially at high speeds, there is likely a chance that your shock absorbers are wearing out.

Slips & swings
This one is a very clever observation. If your car leaves its path on a straight road and you have to constantly correct it, these are your shock absorbers telling you that they need replacement.

Vehicles go over bumps all the time and they do not necessarily rattle. Vehicles are designed to absorb these rattles and shock absorbers play a major role to help them do this. If your vehicle rattles over a bump giving you an uncomfortable drive, it is showing clear signs that your shocks are not doing their job right.

Wheel wear
Obviously, wheels wear out over a period of time, however, you need to check if they are wearing out in an uneven manner. If specific spots on your wheels are damaged more than the rest of it, your vehicle is not making proper road contact indicating necessary shock replacement.

Make a Note…
Worn out shock absorbers do not mean a vehicle cannot be driven. However, shock absorbers are very essential to your car’s functionality, especially when it comes to turns and brakes. Much like how changing the engine oil or keeping the water levels within the radiator is essential, shock absorbers play an integral role as well, to keep the performance of your vehicle at its best in order to minimize the damage in hazardous situations.

If you have any questions or would like a quote on your vehicle repairs contact us at 018321045.

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Christmas Shoebox appeal for the homeless in Dublin

As we rush about our daily lives in the hectic build up to Christmas, take a moment to think about how you can help those less fortunate than yourself.

In the run up to Christmas, Martina will be collecting a Christmas gift box for the homeless

To get involved in the appeal, simply find an empty shoebox, wrap the box and the lid separately, and label whether it is suitable for a male, female or child (including age and gender Take a shoebox, and fill it with some of these gift suggestions for general shoebox

Socks, a hat, gloves, scarf, Personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shower gel, soap, deodorant, moisturiser, baby wipes, hair brush/comb, face cloth, new underwear, new warm socks, and warm hats/gloves/scarf

Treats: sweets, chocolate, Coffee, Sugar, Deck of cards

If you do not have time to make a shoebox but would like to get involved you can put your donations in a bag or a box and the group will arrange them into christmas gifts.

Drop Off Point :

You can bring your packed boxes into Martina at Baldoyle Auto Centre Ltd,

Unit 138-139 Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Baldoyle Dublin 13.

If you have any questions email

Final day for drop off will be 15th December

Directions to us

Turn into Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Take a left and then a right, half way down the road on the left you will see Kane Kitchens & Heat Merchants, take this left turn and we are located in the second last building on your left if you require directions please call 01-8321045


Hankook Tire wins 1st ratings from S&P, Moody’s

Hankook Tyre

Hankook Tyre

Hankook Tire Leading global tyre company has been assigned first-time for Baa2, BBB ratings from the international credit rating agencies, Moody’s and S&P

Hankook Tire produced a total of 99 million tyres at seven plants in the four countries last year.

Rating agencies have recognised that Hankook Tire has a high level of operational efficiency as evidenced by its robust profitability and low financial leverage.


How Do I Know When I Need a New Clutch

How Do I Know When I Need a New Clutch?


Clutches are engineered to resist the rigors of everyday driving. Depending on the type of vehicle and how it is driven, a clutch can serve drivers efficiently anywhere from 48,000 kilometres to 160,000 kilometres. Which brings us to the important question: what are the warning signs that your clutch needs repairing? soft, spongy feeling


If you drive your car every day, diagnosing issues with your clutch is easier than if you were to use your car sparingly. When your clutch starts feeling spongy or soft, and the feeling is more apparent when you release your clutch just before it catches, you can concur that an upgrade is due.


The clutch slips


One of tell-tale signs of a worn-out clutch in need of replacement is slippage. How do you know that your clutch is slipping? Mostly your clutch will slip. That means when you put it into gear and let go of the clutch the rpms don’t drop right away; instead they stay steady or rise, then drop.

What you can do is go about 8-15 kph, put your clutch in fifth gear, rev to about 4,000 rpm and drop the clutch. If the rpms don’t drop as soon as you let go of the clutch, then your clutch is slipping. If the rpms stay at 4,000 and drop off slowly, your clutch is slipping. But if your car’s rpms drop and your car dies, or tries to die then your clutch is fine.


Trouble changing gears


In an ideal situation, the gear change must be smooth. When your clutch is due for a replacement, it won’t be smooth and may shake quite a bit. These symptoms will be especially evident when reversing or moving into first gear.


A burning smell


When your clutch is failing, it is commonly accompanied by a burning smell. The smell comes from the friction of your slipping clutch.


An increasing biting point


As the clutch slips, the familiar biting point will change. When it fails, the biting point moves higher. The biting point of the clutch may be very high and at the extreme of the pedal travel as you lift the pedal up.


Visible damage


A vehicle’s clutch has a thrust bearing, the plate and the housing. If it is on its way out, make sure you change all three.

Range Rover Bumper Repair

Range Rover Bumper Repair