Hankook Tire wins 1st ratings from S&P, Moody’s

Hankook Tyre

Hankook Tyre

Hankook Tire Leading global tyre company has been assigned first-time for Baa2, BBB ratings from the international credit rating agencies, Moody’s and S&P

Hankook Tire produced a total of 99 million tyres at seven plants in the four countries last year.

Rating agencies have recognised that Hankook Tire has a high level of operational efficiency as evidenced by its robust profitability and low financial leverage.


How Do I Know When I Need a New Clutch

How Do I Know When I Need a New Clutch?


Clutches are engineered to resist the rigors of everyday driving. Depending on the type of vehicle and how it is driven, a clutch can serve drivers efficiently anywhere from 48,000 kilometres to 160,000 kilometres. Which brings us to the important question: what are the warning signs that your clutch needs repairing? soft, spongy feeling


If you drive your car every day, diagnosing issues with your clutch is easier than if you were to use your car sparingly. When your clutch starts feeling spongy or soft, and the feeling is more apparent when you release your clutch just before it catches, you can concur that an upgrade is due.


The clutch slips


One of tell-tale signs of a worn-out clutch in need of replacement is slippage. How do you know that your clutch is slipping? Mostly your clutch will slip. That means when you put it into gear and let go of the clutch the rpms don’t drop right away; instead they stay steady or rise, then drop.

What you can do is go about 8-15 kph, put your clutch in fifth gear, rev to about 4,000 rpm and drop the clutch. If the rpms don’t drop as soon as you let go of the clutch, then your clutch is slipping. If the rpms stay at 4,000 and drop off slowly, your clutch is slipping. But if your car’s rpms drop and your car dies, or tries to die then your clutch is fine.


Trouble changing gears


In an ideal situation, the gear change must be smooth. When your clutch is due for a replacement, it won’t be smooth and may shake quite a bit. These symptoms will be especially evident when reversing or moving into first gear.


A burning smell


When your clutch is failing, it is commonly accompanied by a burning smell. The smell comes from the friction of your slipping clutch.


An increasing biting point


As the clutch slips, the familiar biting point will change. When it fails, the biting point moves higher. The biting point of the clutch may be very high and at the extreme of the pedal travel as you lift the pedal up.


Visible damage


A vehicle’s clutch has a thrust bearing, the plate and the housing. If it is on its way out, make sure you change all three.

Range Rover Bumper Repair

Range Rover Bumper Repair


Rolls Royce Respray

Rolls Royce Respray completed in our bodyshop.



Review from Catriona McCarthy for Baldoyle Auto Centre

Review of Baldoyle Auto Centre

Catriona McCarthy Review of Baldoyle Auto Centre

We received the below review by email from Catriona McCarthy on the 7th July 2017

“If you want to start your day sunny side up start off with Baldoyle Auto Centre first thing in the morning No not being sarcastic. . . .
Here’s a place where you get your car repaired quickly, cheaply in comparison and reliably.
From Eamonn’s time up to John’s never a rude or bad humoured encounter at the front desk.
Helpful and kind. Respectful to women who know a wee bit about cars. Sympathetic when car to hit dust, ( some of us have emotional attachments to our metal steeds).
Not to mention the generous, quiet guy in the background: Richard. you manage a good team.”

Range Rover

Range Rover Modifications completed in our bodyshop



Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 GTO Modification and paintwork completed in our bodyshop


Mercedes E Class Bumper Corner Repair

Mercedes E Class Bumper Corner Repair

Headlight Lens Restoration

Five Stage Headlight Lens Restoration


Ford Mondeo Crash Repair

Ford Mondeo Crash Repair