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Do Your Shock Absorbers Need Replacing?

November 27, 2017

Shock absorbers, also known as shocks or dampers, are critical for a car’s safety. Like brake pads and other moving parts, shocks also wear out over time and need replacing. However, deciding WHEN to replace them can be tricky. The wearing out of shock absorbers depends on a number of vehicle usage factors, including the make of the vehicle, total driven mileage and surfaces the vehicle has been driven on. Following are six signs that your shock absorbers require replacement

Extended stopping distance 
When shocks wear out, they mark about 20% increase in the stopping distance of a vehicle. We all know that speeding vehicles need a longer breaking time, worn shocks may prove fatal in this circumstance.

Deviation & dips
Another major sign is when your vehicle starts getting out of control when braking. If your vehicle seems to be deviating when you break, check your shocks for safety.

When shocks are in optimal condition they keep the wheels in fine contact with the road. In this case, the steering wheel works smoothly. If the steering wheel vibrates, especially at high speeds, there is likely a chance that your shock absorbers are wearing out.

Slips & swings
This one is a very clever observation. If your car leaves its path on a straight road and you have to constantly correct it, these are your shock absorbers telling you that they need replacement.

Vehicles go over bumps all the time and they do not necessarily rattle. Vehicles are designed to absorb these rattles and shock absorbers play a major role to help them do this. If your vehicle rattles over a bump giving you an uncomfortable drive, it is showing clear signs that your shocks are not doing their job right.

Wheel wear
Obviously, wheels wear out over a period of time, however, you need to check if they are wearing out in an uneven manner. If specific spots on your wheels are damaged more than the rest of it, your vehicle is not making proper road contact indicating necessary shock replacement.

Make a Note…
Worn out shock absorbers do not mean a vehicle cannot be driven. However, shock absorbers are very essential to your car’s functionality, especially when it comes to turns and brakes. Much like how changing the engine oil or keeping the water levels within the radiator is essential, shock absorbers play an integral role as well, to keep the performance of your vehicle at its best in order to minimize the damage in hazardous situations.

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