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Dublin’s Trusted Headlight Restoration Services

Restore the clarity and brightness of your headlamps with our car headlight restoration services in Dublin.

All headlights are clear and bright at the start of a car’s service life. The headlight enclosures come with an ultra-violet protective coating that’s polymer-based and made by the original equipment manufacturer. However, natural elements, such as sunlight, cause the headlight lens to oxidise slowly. Over time, the enclosures become cloudy and discoloured. Not only does this mar the appearance of the vehicle, but it also restricts the brightness of the headlamps.

If your headlights have experienced this wear-and-tear, have them fixed at Baldoyle Auto Centre. We’ll quickly restore it to pristine condition. Call us on 01-83210425.

Ensure Road Safety

Headlights are essential to your safety, especially at night and during severe weather conditions. Foggy and blurred headlamps reduce the brightness of the light beams by up to 70 per cent. As such, it will be difficult and dangerous to drive through rain, snow and fog. It will also be hazardous to go through dark places, as you will not see the hazards that may lie ahead.

Professional auto headlight restoration services will ensure that you get the full brightness of your headlights. You do not have to squint at the roads of Dublin — it will be safely flooded with light, ensuring safety until you reach your destination.

Improve Your Car’s Appearance

Restored headlights make a world of difference when appearance is concerned. The headlamps will make the exterior look newer, even if you do not change the paint or the car window tinting and consequently, increase the car’s resale value. Compared to buying new lenses, having your headlights restored costs less but delivers the same result. It’s also the more environmentally friendly option, as you do not throw away old headlights. Instead, you improve what you have.

Professional work ensures a long-lasting finish, so your headlights will stay clear and bright for a long time.

Why Book a Headlight Restoration Service at Baldoyle Auto Centre

Convenient Shop

Our shop is located in the Baldoyle Industrial Estate, which can be easily reached from Dublin and surrounding areas via the M50. We have parking spaces for your car.

First-Class Customer Service

We deliver attentive and first-class customer services, so feel free to discuss any special requirements or concerns you may have. We will update you on the progress of your vehicle.

Experienced Staff

Our team has been working for well-respected auto companies for over 20 years, so they can quickly and effectively restore headlamps on all makes and models of vehicles in Dublin.

Comfortable Premises

We have a comfortable and welcoming reception area, where you can help yourself to tea and coffee. Wi-Fi access is available, too.

One-Stop Centre

In case you have other concerns apart from headlight restoration, we offer a wide range of auto services. You don’t have to visit multiple auto centres in Dublin.

Headlamp Restoration FAQs

How long will the refinished headlight lens remain clear?

Several factors affect the wear and tear of your restored headlight enclosures, like the environment, storage, maintenance and more. Some headlight lenses keep their clarity for ten months, while others do not need restoration service for up to three years.

How long will headlight restoration take?

It depends on the extent of work that your headlights need. On average, our team restores a small headlight in 20 minutes. Lenses that are older, larger and more yellowish would take longer.

Is the yellow hue on some headlights coming from the inside?

The yellow tinge primarily sits on the exterior part of the lens. Acrylic headlights come with a topcoat that protects the lens from oxidation. However, this coating wears off, exposing the acrylic to sunlight. This causes the surface to oxidise and turn yellowish.

Can the headlight lens be refinished more than once?

Yes, and we encourage you to opt for restoration as much as possible. It is more environmentally friendly, as you do not have to throw plastic away. In addition, headlight restoration usually costs less than buying new ones.

Can I resurface the lens to prevent yellowing, even if there is nothing wrong with the lens?

Yes, but take note that in many cars, headlight restoration service can only delay yellowing, not eliminate it altogether. If you are interested in preventing yellowing, our team can discuss care information after the headlight service.

How to find us


Turn into Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Take a left and then a right, halfway down the road on the left you will see Kane Kitchens & Heat Merchants, take this left turn and we are located in the second last building on your left.

If you have any questions call our helpline 0183 21045.

139 Grange Dr, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Dublin 13, D13 VR02

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