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Pre-NCT Check in Dublin

A quick visit to our team of experienced trained technicians for an NCT check before your NCT could save you time and money in the long run.

We’ll carry out a fully comprehensive NCT check that will identify any issues that may cause a problem during the test. This covers your vehicles brakes, lights, tyre’s, exhaust emissions, steering and suspension.

We’ll then work with you on the best solution to ensure your vehicle gets through the NCT as quickly and easily as possible.

What is included in a fully comprehensive NCT Check

  1. Registration Plates – Checked
  2. Exhaust Smoke (Diesel) – Test & Report
  3. Exhaust CO/HC/Lambda – Test & Report
  4. Service Brake Pedal – Check
  5. Mechanical Brake Hand Actuator – Check
  6. Seats – Check
  7. Horn – Check
  8. Windscreen Wipers & Washers – Test
  9. Glass – Check
  10. Rear View Mirror(s) – Check
  11. Speedometer – Test
  12. Safety Belts – Test
  13. Steering Wheel Play – Check
  14. Doors/Locks/Anti-Theft Devices – Check
  15. Adaptations for Disabled Drivers – Check
  16. Towing Bracket/Coupling – Check
  17. Stop Lamps – Check
  18. Rear Lamps – Check
  19. Indicators – Check
  20. Side Lamps (Front Position Lamps) – Check
  21. Headlamp Condition – Check
  22. Headlamp Aim – Check and adjust if required
  23. Auxiliary Lamp Condition & Position – Check
  24. Auxiliary Lamp Aim – Check
  25. Reflectors – Check
  26. Bodywork – Inspect
  27. Tyre Condition – Check & Report
  28. Tyre Specification – Check
  29. Tyre Tread – Check & Report
  30. Wheels – Check
  31. Spare Wheel & Carrier – Check
  32. Brake Fluid – Test & Check
  33. Chassis/Under body – Check
  34. Steering Linkage – Check
  35. Wheel Bearings – Check
  36. Front Springs – Check
  37. Front Suspension – Check
  38. Brake Lines/Hoses – Check
  39. Shock Absorber Condition – Visual Check
  40. Fuel System – Check for Leaks
  41. Mechanical Brake Components – Check
  42. Brake Master Cylinder/Servo/Valves/Connections – Check
  43. Exhaust System – Check
  44. Rear Suspension – Check
  45. Rear Springs – Check
  46. Transmission & Drive Train – Visual
  47. Rear Fog Lamp(s) – Check
  48. Reverse Lamp(s) – Check
  49. Malfunction Indicators – Check
  50. Registration Plate Lamps – Check

Preparing for your NCT Test

  • Check your engine oil and water level is adequate.
  • Empty the boot and clear all unnecessary belongings out of the vehicle.
  • Tyre’s must be in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure. Don’t forget the spare tyre (which must be left loose in the boot) as this will be inspected too.
  • Ensure engine is in a fit state to be tested.
  • Wheel hubcaps must be removed so that the wheel can be fully inspected.
  • Ensure your vehicle is clean inside and out, especially the under body of the car as the mechanic needs to inspect this carefully and they must be able to see clearly.
  • All seat belts and clips must be fully visible and in working order. It is necessary to remove baby seats before the inspection.

If You Fail

If you fail the test, ask them exactly why. Often the NCT do not give a clear explanation and it is important that they explain to you exactly why you have failed. Then you can come to us with the NCT report and we will be able to address the problem for you very quickly.

The main failure items for 2016 were:

  • Tyres
  • Front Suspension
  • Brake Line / Hoses
  • Headlamp Aim
  • Stop Lamps

In previous years tyres were recorded under three separate headings (condition, thread and specification) but they are now all being grouped under the one heading. The overall failure rate has remained constant when compared to previous years.

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If you have any questions call our helpline 0183 21045.

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