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The Importance of A Cartell Check And How It Could Prevent A Potential Fatality

April 29, 2017

How a Cartell Check Could Prevent a Potential Fatality

The below story was not a shock to us because we know there is a lot of unscrupulous sellers out there but it just reminded us to hopefully bring some awareness to car buyers when purchasing a used car, how important it is to run a Cartell check and to get a trusted mechanic to do a Pre Purchase Check. Most honest sellers will not have a problem with having pre sales checks carried out.

Airbag System Fault

Our client recently brought a car to us for a repair to the airbag system. When our technician tested the car the scan found an intermittent fault in the airbag system. Our technician investigated the fault and he found the wiring to the seatbelt had been disconnected on the passenger side, as this would not be normal,  He then checked the other side and found the same issue. After further investigations we discovered the car was involved in an accident and instead of replacing the correct components they had bypassed the system, which fooled the airbag computer into thinking all components were operating. In an accident this could be fatal.

This was extremely annoying to think somebody could put a person and their families life at risk for financial gain.  After further checks we found the car was indeed involved in an accident and was very poorly repaired , the mileage had also been altered.

After notifying the customer he informed us that he did have one or two concerns when buying the car but the seller came across as been so honest that he didn’t bother proceeding with any further checks and took his word for it. So remember no matter how honest the person may seem never let that cloud your judgement and have your pre checks carried out. This car which the customer had purchased in good faith was a potential death trap and now is also worthless.

It is so important to have a history check and vehicle inspection when thinking of buying a car. It is probably the second most expensive purchase that many people make. If you are unsure about something don’t be afraid to ask questions or talk to your trusted mechanic before purchasing a used vehicle.

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