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The Importance of Using a Spray Booth for Crash Repairs

March 15, 2016

The Importance of Using a Spray Booth for Crash Repairs

After your car has suffered a minor or major crash, your focus may instant jump to repairing or replacing damaged door sills, window arches, bumper, wings, boot lid and/or bonnet. Then you will want to restore the original beauty and sheen of your car to cover up the scuffs, dings and dents. Auto centres with a spray booth can achieve these cosmetic improvements quickly, easily and masterfully. Crash repairs Dublin must include re-painting to hide unsightly evidence of the crash and preserve its appearance.

You can also opt for spray painting when your car’s paint has faded from prolonged exposure to the sun. Vehicle owners also treat their cars to a spray painting session when they wish to switch to a new colour.

What is the point of a spray booth?

A spray booth is an environment-friendly addition to an auto centre. The air exhausted from a painting area must be clean of paint – which is toxic to the environment – as much as possible. A spray booth prevents paint and paint-related atmospheric pollution.

Spray painting may cause a fire hazard from solvent and overspray deposits. A spray booth disposes both efficiently.

Additionally, spray booths allow the removal of waste spray paint and the sludge it forms. Professional auto service centres offering crash repairs Dublin invest in spray booths to ensure high-quality work and a safe working environment.

Baldoyle Auto Centre uses advanced spray paint technology for excellent quality paint finish. The work is carried out in dedicated spray booths for environment protection. We are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency  and we’re a member of SIMI


What can you expect from a good spray service?

  • Accurate restoration of car’s original finish, in terms of both aesthetics and lustre
  • Use of the latest auto body painting techniques
  • Use of high-grade paint
  • Quality workmanship

A top-notch spray painting job will ensure perfect colour-matching where repairs blend seamlessly into the car’s existing paintwork.

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