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Why is it Important to Have Your Wheel Alignment Checked Annually?

July 9, 2016

Why is it Important to Have Your Wheel Alignment Checked Annually?


No matter how advanced your car’s engine or on-board electronics, if the wheels don’t point the same direction, you’ll be driving funny on the road! The warning signs of issues with wheel alignment are:

  • Tyre wear on some areas of tyre, mostly on the outer edge
  • If you can’t see the wear on the tyre, run your hands over it to feel where the tyre has worn off. Do it slowly and gently as a severely worn out tyre may have exposed wires.
  • You may notice your car drifting to the left or right when driving even on a straight and even surface. It increases your steering effort or it may pull in either direction when you brake.
  • Your steering wheel won’t remain straight, even when you’re driving straight.

What causes wheel misalignment?


Wheel alignment is affected by multiple factors. Besides incorrect adjustments and worn-out suspension parts, the effects of daily driving – especially if you hit the kerb or potholes – can throw out your wheels’ alignment. Changes to alignments occur over a period of time, and if left unattended, result in severe misalignment within 12 to 18 months. It will then become a full-blown safety issue, and merit an emergency visit to your auto centre. That’s why we suggest getting a wheel alignment check at least as part of an annual vehicle inspection. If you spot any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s best to get your wheels checked out immediately.

What are the benefits of wheel alignment?


  • Optimal vehicle stability that makes your car safer to drive on the road.
  • Tyres don’t wear out prematurely on the inside or outside edge. Misaligned tyres can wear out within a couple of thousand miles, and drive up your replacement costs.
  • Out-of-alignment tyres increase rolling resistance, which is the energy lost when the tire rolls on the road while you’re driving. To overcome the resistance, your car’s engine works harder, and in turn, uses up more fuel than it normally would. This will naturally show up in your fuel costs.
  • Your car’s suspension is attached to your wheels and tyres. Wheel misalignment speed up the rate at which suspension parts wear out, impacting ride comfort and handling.


Getting all four wheels aligned at Baldoyle Auto is cheaper than replacing the cost of a single tyre. Don’t put off wheel alignment for another day, or you will be compromising the safety and fuel-efficiency of your car.  Make an appointment online  or call our office 01-8321045

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