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Should drivers be fined for driving too close to cyclists?

February 22, 2017

Penalty Points for driving too close to cyclists

Fine Gael are proposing a bill that would mean drivers could be fined and receive penalty points for driving too close to cyclists.

The Irish Independent reports that the proposal could see drivers face a minimum fine of €80 and three penalty points if they’re caught moving into the cycle lane where cyclists are. Fines of up to €1,500, and five penalty points, would be imposed if an incident ends up in court and results in a conviction.

According to the article, the minimum passing distance would be 1.5 metres on roads with a speed limit of 50km/h or higher, and 1 metre for roads with a speed limit below that.

Minimum distance

The minimum passing distance would be set at 1.5 metres on roads with speed limits of more than 50kmh.

Mr Cannon said he did not want to “drive a wedge” between cyclists and motorists, but that he was seeking the law to raise awareness of the issue and change the behavior of drivers who did not consider cyclists while overtaking.

He gave the examples of the smoking ban and plastic bag tax as measures that previously changed public behavior.

The campaign for a minimum distance law ‘Stayin’ Alive at 1.5′ was set up by Wexford cyclist Phil Skelton, who felt compelled to take action when two local cyclists were killed following incidents with motorists.

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