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Is Brake Fluid Flushing Really Important?

March 9, 2016

Is Brake Fluid Flushing Really Important?

Let’s start by understanding what brake fluid is. Your car’s brakes are operated by a hydraulic system. Hydraulic energy is generated by pressurized fluid – what we call hydraulic fluid – to power machinery. Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that moves the components of your vehicle’s braking system. When you push the brake pedal, the brake fluid transfers the force of the pedal through the brake lines to the brakes. As you can see, brake fluid plays a vital role in the proper and safe functioning of your brakes.

Brake fluid has a service interval

Check your owner’s manual for details on your car’s brake fluid service interval. Usually, it has a service interval of two or three years. Brake fluid checks are part of the Standard Procedures that assess if flushing and replacement is required. It is important that your auto centre performs this check to determine the health of your braking system and takes appropriate action in a timely manner.

What can happen if brake fluid is not replaced?

When brake fluid is fresh, it stays in a dry state. Over time, the fluid absorbs water and moves to a wet state. As the fluid keeps getting saturated, it boils at a lower temperature. The friction from using your brakes boils aging liquid more easily and causes air bubbles in the brake lines. So, now when you push the brake pedal, the force from the pedal compresses the air and not the brake fluid. The energy your foot applies doesn’t get to the brakes.

What does that mean for driver and passenger safety?

A couple of small bubbles in the brake lines can combine to form a big bubble. Your brakes then start feeling soft and spongy. As your braking system doesn’t get the required normal pressure, it can even fail.

The average motorist who drives 25,000 kilometres a year uses his brakes approximately 75,000 times. Unless your car’s brakes engage properly, there’s always a safety hazard looming around you. Not surprisingly, many drivers say that among all driving emergencies, brake failure is their number one concern.

Brake fluid service cannot wait

At  Baldoyle Auto Centre, We have actively advocated scheduled brake fluid checks. A timely replacement safeguards your car’s optimal functioning as well as on-road safety. It is not unusual to detect problems in your braking system during a brake fluid examination. We suggest the best course of action to get your car back safely on the road.

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