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Car Service – Seven signs a car service is required

February 29, 2016

Car Service – Seven signs a car service is required 

  • Warning Messages
  • Strange Noises
  • Shaking Steering
  • Tyres Out
  • Burning Smell
  • Smoke
  • Filling up more

Looking after and maintaining your car will save you money in the long run. Ideally you should service your car at least once a year. Below are seven signs your car needs a service.

1. Warning messages

Modern cars have dashboard warning messages. Don’t ignore these if they appear as it could lead to a serious malfunction. In some cases the message will tell you to have the car serviced.

2. Strange noises

Ignoring strange noises is a mistake that could prove costly. A grinding or squealing sound might be a problem with your brakes. A roaring sound could be an issue with the tyres or wheel bearings.

3. Shaking steering

If you find your steering wheel shaking or vibrating uncontrollably while driving it is likely your tyres may need balancing or re-aligning. A simple fix if spotted early enough.

4. Tyres out

While we’re on the subject of tyres make sure to check the tread depth regularly. If the depth is less than 1.6mm then you’ll need to change them.

5. Burning smell

If you notice a distinctive burning smell particularly of rubber it could be a transmission leak. Fluid leaking onto a hot engine will create this odour. The old fluid will need to be drained out and then replaced.

6. Smoke

Exhaust smoke is a sign your car could have an oil leak. Check to see if there is any thick black liquid or soot building up within the exhaust pipe.

7. Filling up

If you find yourself filling up more often than normal it could be a good time to have your car serviced. High fuel consumption indicates a possible engine fault.

If you’ve come across any of these warning signs why not book in for a full car service today with one of our highly trained mechanics.

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