Review from Catriona McCarthy for Baldoyle Auto Centre

Review of Baldoyle Auto Centre
Catriona McCarthy Review of Baldoyle Auto Centre

We received the below review by email from Catriona McCarthy on the 7th July 2017

“If you want to start your day sunny side up start off with Baldoyle Auto Centre first thing in the morning No not being sarcastic. . . .
Here’s a place where you get your car repaired quickly, cheaply in comparison and reliably.
From Eamonn’s time up to John’s never a rude or bad humoured encounter at the front desk.
Helpful and kind. Respectful to women who know a wee bit about cars. Sympathetic when car to hit dust, ( some of us have emotional attachments to our metal steeds).
Not to mention the generous, quiet guy in the background: Richard. you manage a good team.”